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The Roadless Area Conservation rule protects 58.5 million acres of national forest lands from most commercial logging and road-building, and is the most sweeping land conservation measures in a generation.


Overwhelming Benefits

  • Source of recreation for nature lovers and sportsmen
  • Important for critical habitat for fish and wildlife, including more than 1600 threatened or endangered plants and species
  • Clean water. Protects more than 2,000 public watersheds that contribute to public drinking water for 60 million Americans

Outpouring of Public Support

The rule was approved following years of scientific study and more than 600 public meetings across the country. To date the Forest Service has received more than two million comments favoring roadless protection. This outpouring of public response is almost ten times greater than that of any other rule in history.

The Roadless rule was the most inclusive rule in history, it took place in the public eye, and gave voice to millions of Americans who want to protect their last remaining forests.

Balanced Policy

This balanced policy would allow new roads to be constructed in order to fight fires, ensure public safety and allow brush clearing to protect forest health.

A Lasting Forest Legacy

The roadless Rule protects our last wild forests for hikers, hunters, sportsmen and recreationists to enjoy and explore. The magnificence of a pristine forest can never be replicated. If we do not save our lands now, we will have nothing to pass on for future generations.

Saves Tax Payers Money

America’s national forests are already covered with 386,000 miles of roads — enough to circle the earth 15 times, and nationally there is a backlog of road repairs that amounts to $8.4 billion.