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Call Governor Richardson Immediately

(505) 476-2200

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has issued an IMMEDIATE REMOVAL ORDER for the Aspen Wolf Pack of Mexican wolves in southwestern New Mexico. This pack includes two adult females and two pups. The Aspen Wolf Pack contains some of the most valuable genes in the wild population.

Under the Bush administration the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program has become the Mexican Wolf Eradication Program. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has removed 15 wolves already this year without regard to their mandate to recover this critically endangered wolf under the Endangered Species Act. We must prevent attempts to cause the second extinction of Lobos in the wild. The Mexican wolf is an endangered species under New Mexico law, too; and Governor Richardson has demonstrated his resolve to protect and restore this magnificent animal.

Call Governor Richardson and thank him for his continued efforts to safeguard New Mexico’s last wild lobos but ask him to do everything in his power to prevent the killing of the Aspen Pack and to demand their re-release into the wild.

The Mexican Gray Wolf maintains close-knit families; breeding pairs usually mate for life; they play and look out for one another, but most importantly, the Mexican Gray Wolf is the true symbol of a wild New Mexico.
There are less than 30 Wild Lobos left in New Mexico!

Please Call Governor Richardson Immediately!

(505) 476-2200