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SANTA FE, NM—JULY 11, 2013–The Santa Fe National Forest will reopen portions of the forest beginning Friday, July 12th at 8:00 a.m.  The Forest will lift the full closure and move into Stage I fire restrictions.  However, some areas of the Forest will remain closed due to impacts by wildfires or potential for flooding.  “Areas of the forest affected by the Tres Lagunas, Thompson Ridge, and Jaroso fires will remain closed for public safety,” announced Deputy Forest Supervisor Joe Norrell.  Concern remains over possible flash flooding in many areas downslope from burned areas which requires additional recreation site (seasonal) closures during the monsoon season. Please reference the attached closure orders and corresponding maps which provide detailed information about what is open and closed on the Santa Fe National Forest.

“Monsoonal moisture has minimized the risk of wildfire, although it has not totally eliminated it,” added Norrell, “We will maintain Stage I fire restrictions in all reopened areas. That means campfires are allowed only in developed campgrounds.”

Portions of the Pecos Wilderness outside the Jaroso Fire closure will be open including the portion previously closed by the Carson National Forest—see attached map.  There are many trails that you can enjoy within the Wilderness and other areas of the forest that are not within the fire area.  However, we can’t stress enough the need for personal responsibility and safety when in the forest.  You must be fully aware of where you are, the weather conditions, and what areas are closed because of the fires and potential downslope flooding.

The following areas will be closed year-round due to impacts from the Jaroso Fire:

The boundary of the Jaroso Fire Closure area within the Pecos Wilderness is made up of following segments of trails that will be closed:

  • Cave Creek Trail 288 from the junction of the Dockweiler Trail 259 to the junction of Skyline Trail 251
  • Skyline Trail 251 to Horsethief Meadow Trail 253
  • Horsethief Meadow Trail 253 to Panchuela West Trail 243
  • Panchuela West Trail 243 to the Capulin Trail 158
  • Capulin Trail 158 to the Cienego Redondo Trail 6
  • Cienego RedondoTrail 6 to junction of Agua Sarca Trail 228
  • Agua Sarca Trail 228 to the Rio Molino Trail 227
  • Rio Molino Trail  227 to the Rio Medio
  • The Rio Medio is the boundary from the junction of Trail 227 to the junction of Trail 157

Tres Lagunas Fire Closure Map

Jarosa Fire Closure Map