GilaCliff Closed SignEnd the Shutdown, Open Public Lands

The federal government shutdown places New Mexico's public lands and wild places at risk. Thousands of employees at agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service are furloughed during the shutdown, meaning they cannot provide the usual level of care and attention to New Mexico's public lands.

The implications to our resources could be far reaching if the shutdown continues. It's time to end the shutdown.

New Mexico Wild has created this one-stop shop where you will find everything you need to know about how the shutdown is affecting public lands throughout the state. However, given that government information is currently scarce, we are calling on members of the public like you to help us continue gathering valuable information. If you visit public lands during the shutdown, please take photos, post them to your social media accounts and include the hashtag #OpenNMLands and tag @nmwilderness on Facebook and Instagram and @nmwild on Twitter. Your posts should detail the location of the photo and a brief description of the conditions you observe. This will help us continue to build our database on the condition of public lands throughout the state and keep the public informed. If you do not use social media, you may email photos and information you gather to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is CLOSED During the Shutdown

Below you will find a list of public lands that have been confirmed closed during the shutdown. The list will be updated periodically as we gather more information. Some closures are only partial with certain aspects of the location still in operation, so be sure to click on the links below for more information. After following these links, click "Alerts" to see specific details about each closure. It is also important to remember these government websites are not being actively updated during the shutdown. We will do everything we can to update this list with the most current information possible.

GilaCliff Fee Station

Report a Violation

Help make up for the understaffing on our public lands by being our eyes and ears. When you see violations or abuse in New Mexico’s designated Wilderness areas and other protected places, please let us know so we can report it to the responsible agency as soon as possible. Report a violation here

Take Action

Sign our petition to tell the Trump administration to end the shutdown and open our public lands!

Complimentary New Mexico Wild Membership for Furloughed Employees

Are you an employee of one of the federal government agencies impacted by the shutdown? Have you been furloughed as a result? If so, we are offering a free, one-year membership to New Mexico Wild. Simply fill out this form to receive your complimentary membership!

Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation in New Mexico

The outdoor recreation economy in New Mexico generates $9,900,000,000 in consumer spending annually, $2,800,000,000 in wages and salaries, and $623,000,000 in state and local tax revenues, and directly employes 99,000 people, according to data gathered by the Outdoor Industry Association. New Mexico's economy clearly depends on outdoor recreation and access to our public lands.

New Mexico also relies heavily on the federal government. Recent data gathered by WalletHub found that New Mexico is more negatively impacted by the current shutdown than any other state. New Mexico receives the fourth-highest amount of federal contract dollars, and has the third-highest percentage of population receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

Simply put, New Mexico cannot afford this shutdown.