The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to lease several parcels of land to oil and gas development right on the boundary of the 10 mile "buffer" area around Chaco Culture National Historical Park. BLM has been deferring leases in this zone for many years, but pressure from the Trump Administration is pushing development ever closer to Chaco. Many Chacoan sites exist outside the Park's official boundaries, so lease sales by BLM in the surrounding area almost always means the loss of artifacts, history, and dark skies.

We protested this upcoming lease sale along with several other conservation organizations. We are happy to note that many other organizations and tribes filed protests as well. BLM received 120 protests, which is the highest number of protests ever received in New Mexico about a single lease sale. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure protection of Chaco and its surrounding, irreplaceable landscape.

You  can read our protest here>>