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Associate Director Nathan Newcomer recalls his experience with a rehabilitated golden eagle in Otero Mesa. Otero Mesa is now threatened with hardrock mining, which could compromise habitat for species including the golden eagle.

“I remember the first time I laid eyes on him. I didn’t sense any fear—all I saw was strength and a longing to be free.

Being as young as he was, it was surprising that he had made it this far after being struck by a car only seven months prior.

When we took him out of the cage, his wings flew open like a theater curtain and he began to clean feathers from his body. Huge accordion-like flaps ensued for several minutes, as he tested the crisp morning air on this late September day in Otero Mesa.

A light breeze was blowing to the north. Alamo Mountain was immediately behind us and the sun had just started to creep around the high boulders, casting a light-orange tint on the grasslands to our west.

We all collectively held our breath as he took one final illustrious wave and then surged out of the hands of his caretaker, diving straight towards me.

His wings engorged with the wind, he streamed higher and higher until he was flying up the slopes of Alamo.

Free at last–this courageous golden eagle would start life over in the grasslands of Otero Mesa.

Yet, what kind of chance will golden eagles have if hardrock mining is allowed to move forward in this wild expanse? Will the more-than 200 migratory songbirds and numerous other raptors still be able to flourish once the mining trucks move in and begin to tear down the mountains? What of the pronghorn herds, of the mule deer, the prairie dog colonies?”

Nathan Newcomer

Nathan Newcomer

It is because of places like Otero Mesa that the wild spirit of freedom can still pervade. Wildness is freedom–and Otero Mesa is just simply wild. Help us keep it that way. Please give your year-end tax deductible gift now.

Thanks to you, we’ve reached 10 percent of our goal to raise $20,000 by January 1. Please give now to help us reach our goal and protect golden eagle habitat.

NM Wild is working to protect places such as Otero Mesa, which is home to species like the golden eagle.

Otero Mesa is currently threatened by hardrock mining. Please help us continue to fight for animals like the golden eagle by giving to NM Wild today.

Please visit our website at www.nmwild.org

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