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Dear Friends of Wilderness,

I am writing you today to say thank you for your continued strong voice in protecting wild lands and wildlife in our state. We have very good news from our Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks campaign. Just a few hours ago, the El Paso City Council passed unanimously a resolution of support for our efforts to protect more than 600,000 acres of land around the community of Las Cruces as a national monument. Combined with resolutions from the City of Las Cruces, Mesilla, and Doña Ana County, we have made our case for protection of this historically and ecologically rich area. Once again, your calls and letters have moved us that much closer to a monument.

Often it seems getting good news is hard to find in conservation. Although our fights are many, there are also things to celebrate. For starters, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York yesterday reversed course and decided more study was needed before allowing oil companies to go into the state and begin the process known as “fracking” for natural gas. His decision was the result of more than 80,000 letters from people across the state and the nation asking that fracking not be allowed in New York. The oil and gas industry is not happy, but his decision could start a precedent in this country. That is the power of your letters, calls and actions; they really can help! Write Gov. Cuomo today and say thank you for delaying fracking in New York.

That’s not all. In other news, the Supreme Court recently refused to hear arguments from the mining industry, who has been fighting the Roadless Rule since the last days of the Clinton administration. With the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the mining industry, the Roadless Rule is finally the law of the land. This protects more than 50 million acres of national forest lands across the country!

For the past two days we have been asking you to keep the pressure on US Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director Benjamin Tuggle. If you haven’t taken action yet, send a free fax now.

Today, I am asking that you forward this important action alert to five friends. If we are to keep this beautiful alpha female in the wild it will require all the pressure we can mount! Thank you for your outpouring of support. Your calls, letters and e-mails are working to change the dynamics of wolf policy in New Mexico!

Many thanks for your efforts. Although it’s just Tuesday, it has already been a busy week.


Stephen Capra

Executive Director

PS: Don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the wolf fundraiser in Santa Fe on Oct. 23. Starring world renowned pianist Helene Grimaud, tickets start at just $20. Helene stands as one of the true champions of wolves in the wild and her music is pure magic! Purchase your seats now.


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