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Public News Service-NM: September 30, 2014

Why does wilderness call to us? Perhaps the need for wildness is hard-wired in each of us, whether we heed the call or not. If anyone would know, it’s New Mexico native son, writer and conservationist Dave Foreman.

Foreman returns to the Gila River Festival this year to speak about the intrinsic value of wilderness, America’s first wilderness river, and the history of the Gila Wilderness Area. For decades, Foreman has been at the forefront of environmental activism. For several years in the 1970s, he worked for the Wilderness Society, but eventually became disillusioned. With some friends, he started the group Earth First! and edited the Earth First! Journal for a few years. He co-founded the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, and later started his own think tank, the Rewilding Institute.

Foreman is the author of several books, including Take Back Conservation, Rewilding North America, and Confessions of An Eco-Warrior. He serves as the director of the Rewilding Institute, a nonprofit working to develop and promote the ideas and strategies to advance continental-scale conservation in North America, particularly the need for large carnivores and a permeable landscape for their movement.

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