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Are you passionate about the wild landscapes and wildlife of New Mexico? Do you want to be sure that nature, as it was meant to be, is preserved for generations to come? Your legacy gift to the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance will ensure that the wilderness, wildlife and water of the Land of Enchantment are protected forever. Become a New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Steward today.

If you are planning to create a new will or update an existing one, we hope you will consider a future gift to protect and safeguard New Mexico’s wilderness, water and wildlife. New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Stewards are individuals who have included a future gift to New Mexico Wilderness Alliance through their will or estate plans. Becoming a New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Steward can be as simple as including a bequest to our organization in your will or designating our organization as one of the beneficiaries of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Here are a few reasons NM Wild Alliance Stewards have decided to leave a bequest:

“I’d like my children to be able to enjoy the beautiful wild landscapes of New Mexico.”

“I’d like to know that as population increases and global warming changes their world, our special wilderness will remain and wildlife will flourish. I was thinking about this when my husband and I sat down to talk about what to do with our estate. Of course, family is first. But then I realized that there was more too. I care about the future of our special places in the world and want to make sure my children get to enjoy it too. Plus, I wanted to set an example for our family of what it might look like to care for our world. That is why my husband and I have decided to leave a bequest to New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.”

For questions regarding memorial gifts, bequests, or stock gifts, please contact Tisha Broska at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 505-321-6131.

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